Dream It, See it, Believe it, Achieve it.

If you take a second to stop and relax, think to your self, this is my life how do i want it to go? which way would you take it,don’t tell me keep that to yourself then go out and do it because the only person that can stop you from getting to a better place in life is yourself. think about this nobody thinks the way you think, nobody knows what your thinking, and Nobody can tell you what to think(stupid fuck-in commercials on Pandora I’m bumping the gaslampkiller btw)

Life is moving! Move with it, let it come to you and enjoy it its all in your mind now just make it a reality. If your like me you want it now! but just remember this everybody has their own start line and messing up only makes the next time perfect Be you or be nothing-FLYY DI$TRICT




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